Disability Insurance for Professionals

How COVID-19 Has Changed Disability Insurance For Professionals

In the middle of the global pandemic, many professionals started working from home. Engineers, accountants, marketing specialists, project managers, and other professionals are challenged to do their work from home and are learning how to organize their work tasks remotely.

However, this new situation has brought in other challenges for companies and working professionals. What would happen if you were to become disabled while working? Could you file a disability insurance claim? Does it count that it even happened in the workplace?

These are just some of the new challenges disability insurance for professionals companies have been faced with since many businesses closed their doors following the World Health Organisation’s recommendations.

Before the pandemic struck, whenever a professional was unable to work, whether it was because of an injury or an illness, they could file a claim immediately after the injury or illness happened.

How COVID-19 Has Changed Disability Insurance For Professionals

However, there are now three barriers to disability insurance for professionals.

  • One, the definition of the workplace has now changed, and it’s no longer a company, storage, or an office. It’s now the professional’s own home, so there is a dilemma of which claims will be accepted as ones that happened in the workplace.
  • Second, disability insurance companies are also working remotely, so there is no place to file a claim. So, insurance companies have to find ways to receive claims for disability insurance for professionals without being physically present with the person who submits the claim.
  • Finally, because 90% of disabilities are caused by illness, not an injury, there is an issue with proving how and when the disability happened, if it was while doing work tasks or after working hours.

Disability Insurance for Professionals

Because of this, individuals who have and need disability insurance for professionals, as well as disability companies that offer this type of coverage, had to make the transition from the usual claims process into the new one where everything is done remotely.

Moreover, insurance professionals are struggling to adjust the workplace definition to new conditions and new circumstances. There has to be a limit to what is considered a workplace and what is considered home as the two are intertwined with one another now.

One of these solutions disability insurance for professionals companies have started using is social media. They’ve now started using social media posts, photos, and videos to accept or deny a claim to handle disability insurance claims for professionals.

The major challenge here was to adapt fast enough to the new process as the spreading of the COVID-19 happened pretty quickly, and disability insurance companies were faced with a problem they haven’t encountered before. And it’s a problem that will most likely stay for a while, so a solution is not only something that everyone wants to find, but it’s something they need to find.

Consulting an insurance professional that knows how disability insurance for professional works in and out can help you understand disability insurance easier.

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