Jeweler Disability Insurance

The Case for Jeweler Disability Insurance

As a jeweler, you’re much more than a mere shop owner. You have a direct hand in the creations your customers purchase. You also earn a significant amount per year. Depending on your skill, education, and location, you might earn between $24,000 and $63,000 annually. That money is vital for ensuring that your family is able to meet its financial obligations. You have a mortgage to pay, car loans to pay, tuition costs for your children, and a great deal more. What happens to those obligations if you’re forced out of work and unable to earn any money for a period of time? Jeweler disability insurance can limit the fallout of this situation.

Jeweler Disability Insurance

How Disability Insurance Can Help

So, if there’s little you can do about becoming disabled in the first place, how might jeweler disability insurance benefit you? Simply put, it provides you with financial support when you’re not able to work, reducing the chance that you’ll need to pull from your savings, or that you will fall behind on your bills. Your insurance policy will pay you a percentage of your average monthly income during qualifying disabilities, and that money can be used for whatever you need.

How Much Disability Coverage Do You Need?

To find out how much coverage your disability insurance should provide, you should first determine the amount of money you need to go through one month. Your monthly could include your mortgage payments, utility costs, education costs, food, and the likes. Ask yourself how much money you would need at a minimum if you stopped getting a paycheck from tomorrow and write that amount down.

Next, think of your monthly income sources. Does your spouse work? Will they be able to pick up the slack if you weren’t able to bring in finances? Add up any other sources of income and from the total amount of income you have, subtract the expenses. The difference between the two should be the amount that your disability insurance policy will provide.

Why Choose Us

Of course, you need to work with the right insurer and we can help you make an informed choice about which insurance company can offer you a jeweler disability insurance policy under the right conditions.

We specialize in helping medical professionals just like you compare insurance companies, insurance policies, and even specific coverage items to ensure that you can make an informed decision. With our help, you can:

  • Review rates from the leading providers of jeweler disability insurance to make an informed comparison and a sound decision.
  • Compare quotes from different insurance providers to ensure that you’re getting the best possible coverage, at a rate that’s right for you.
  • We’ll help you learn more about the disability insurance options available to protect your income to ensure that you get the peace of mind and financial stability that you deserve.

How Disability Insurance Premiums Are Calculated

Every insurance company ranks the factors to determine the cost of a policy – age, gender, income, the health of the individual, location, and specialty. Each of these factors has specific criteria and formulas that determine the overall cost of the disability insurance. Before you settle for a certain insurance policy, check with all providers to make sure you chose the right one.

The real issue here is that it can be very difficult to compare your options when it comes to jeweler disability insurance policies. We can help simplify the process and allow you to compare disability insurance quotes, coverage areas, and policies to make an informed decision.

The Potential for a Life-Altering Disability

None of us wants to believe that we can be affected by a disability, but the truth is that we’re all susceptible. In fact, if you’re near the age of 40, there’s a 21% chance that you’ll experience a disability that lasts at least three weeks by the time you reach 65. That’s based on nothing but age. Throw in factors related to lifestyle, predisposition, and the like, and your risks rise dramatically. The truth is that roughly a third of all working Americans will be disabled before they can retire.

Take Your Disability Insurance With You

One of the advantages of individual disability insurance is that it doesn’t depend on your employer. It’s tied to you and yourself only (or the policyholder), so even if you quit your current job and go to another company, you will still have your jeweler disability insurance policy.

This is not the case with some other types of insurance policies that are connected to your employment. With them, once you stop being an employee in the initial place where you got your disability insurance, you lose your insurance. This will not happen with your individual disability insurance.

Buy a Disability Insurance Policy While You’re Young

Jeweler disability insurance policies are priced based on the risk of you filing an insurance claim. The higher your risk for filing a claim, the more you’ll pay in premiums and one of the primary factors that contribute to higher risk is age.

Statistics show that the older you are the more likely you to become disabled, so getting your buyer disability insurance today means that you will pay less in premiums and be protected for longer in your lifetime. The more you wait, the more you will pay in premiums later on.

We Can Help You Find The Right Coverage

It can be difficult to choose the right pipefitter disability insurance policy, though. You need to make sure you’ve chosen the right insurance policy, and that you’re working with the right insurer. That’s where we can help. We’ve spent years working with professionals just like you to ensure they can make accurate choices and decisions regarding their financial protection. We allow you to compare disability insurance quotes from leading US insurers, as well as insurance rates, coverage areas, and more.

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