Civil Engineer Disability Insurance

Why You Should Consider Civil Engineer Disability Insurance

Are you a civil engineer? If so, you probably enjoy a rewarding career and a good salary, bringing in between $44,000 and $92,000 annually. That income allows you to support your family and pay for your home, your automobiles, and even your children’s education. You may also have business-related costs and profession-related expenses that come out of that income, such as license renewal and the like. Obviously, becoming ill or injured and unable to work could wreak havoc on your life.

Civil Engineer Disability Insurance

Your worker’s compensation, health insurance, and auto insurance will only give you limited coverage for your medical costs, but what you will need then is a replacement for your lost income. This can be provided only through civil engineer disability insurance. It provides the protection you need in cases of injuries or illnesses.

Understanding Your Risks

When it comes to disabling injuries and illnesses, no one really wants to believe they’re at risk. The problem is that everyone is at risk – physical injuries are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. You also have a wide range of medical conditions that can strike anyone at any time, in any health condition. For instance, heart disease and cancer are two of the most common causes of disability in the US. Civil engineer disability insurance can help ensure that even if you are disabled, you are still able to meet your financial obligations.

What Is It Designed to Do?

Not entirely sure what civil engineer disability insurance is designed to do? It’s simple – it pays for your financial obligations when you are unable to earn an income. You might assume that your health insurance will help, or that your auto insurance will pay out if you’re injured in a car accident.

The truth is that while both of these can help to pay for medical bills, treatment, physical therapy, medication, and the like, they do nothing about meeting your ongoing financial obligations if you are out of work and unable to earn an income. This is something only disability insurance can help you with. If you find yourself disabled, your insurance company will provide you with a stream of income based on your average annual salary. That money can be used for anything you need.

Disability Can Happen To Anyone

You might think that you have almost no chance of experiencing a disability. Most of us don’t really like to contemplate that sort of thing, and we weigh the scale in our favor. The truth is that

you have at least a 21% chance of experiencing a disability that lasts three weeks or longer by the time you turn 65 if you’re around 40 years of age right now.

You also run the risk of injury or illness that could leave you unable to work for weeks or even months. In some cases, your disability might last for years. By comparing different civil engineer disability insurance quotes, you ensure that you’re able to purchase protection against the potential of an injury or an illness that would leave you unable to work and earn money.

Buy a Civil Engineer Disability Insurance Policy While You’re Young

The price of your disability insurance policy is determined by the risk. The higher your risk of a disability is, the more you’ll pay in premiums. One of the primary factors that contribute to being graded as a higher risk person is your age. Statistics show that the older you are the more likely you are to become disabled, and because of this, the premiums you will pay get higher as time goes on.

You can buy disability insurance today and save money in the long-term. Each year you age is more money you’ll be paying out in premiums.

Look for Unisex Rates

In general, women pay higher disability insurance rates than men. A recent study has shown that women are more likely than men to develop a disability that prevents them from being able to work full time. Rheumatism and arthritis are the most common disabilities women encounter, followed by cancer, heart disease, mental health, and diabetes.

Women have also reported that experiencing a disability would be “somewhat devastating” to their family’s finances. Many of the participants in the study said they worry that their cash reserves would last less than a month if they couldn’t work.

We Help You Find Coverage

It can be difficult to find the protection you need, but we can help.  When you turn to us for help with your disability insurance, we make sure to include you in every step of the process. We work with you so you can understand not just the insurer options, but also your options in coverage terms and other considerations.

With our assistance, you can compare quotes and coverage options from top-ranked insurers across the United States. We also give you the ability to compare all major insurance companies in the US, compare civil engineer disability insurance rates and costs, and even compare disability definitions. Our sole goal is to help you make the best decision and get the protection that you need.

Let us help you find the best rate designed according to your financial needs. If you’re ready to start, call us today. Dial 1-877-221-6198 or use the form on the right side of this page.


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