Oil or Gas Field Service Engineer Disability Insurance

As an oil or gas field service engineer, you earn a salary that falls between $44,000 and $115,000. That money is a vital consideration in ensuring that your family is able to meet its financial obligations. You have a significant number of ongoing expenses – your mortgage payment must be paid each month, your car payment must be made each month, and more. How will you meet those obligations if you’re disabled and unable to work, though? Thankfully, oil or gas field service engineer disability insurance can help guarantee you’re able to stay afloat.

Disability and You

If you’re like most Americans, you think that disability can’t happen to you. Or, you believe that you’re most likely to be injured on the job, and therefore covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Sadly, that is probably not the case. The leading causes of disability for US workers is not physical injury, but medical conditions – think cancer, heart disease and arthritis. What will you do if you develop one of these conditions and find yourself unable to work for a period of time? If you have oil or gas field service engineer disability insurance, you have far fewer worries.

How Disability Insurance Protects You

Oil or gas field service engineer disability insurance protects your ability to meet your financial obligations. Once you purchase a policy, a qualifying disability and missed time from work will trigger a stream of income from your insurer. You’ll receive payments based on your actual average annual income, which can then be used to meet your family’s financial needs.

Of course, it can be challenging to find the right oil or gas field service engineer disability insurance policy. Each insurer is different, and you’ll need to make an informed comparison of coverage areas, disability definitions and a great deal more. We can help you do exactly that. We’ve worked with professionals just like you for many years to help ensure they’re able to get the perfect level of coverage for their needs and their peace of mind.

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