Psychiatrist Disability Insurance

Working as a psychiatrist allows you to provide compassionate care for patients suffering from a range of conditions. It can be personally and professionally rewarding, and it can also be financially rewarding. Chances are good that you earn between $90,000 and $260,000 per year in your practice. Of course, that income goes to support you, your family and even your office – it can pay for staff and office space, for your home mortgage payment and for your children’s education to name just some of the uses.

Where do you turn if that income evaporates, though? That’s exactly what could happen if you become ill or injured and cannot work for an extended period. That’s where psychiatrist disability insurance can help.

The Potential for Disabilities

We all like to think that we’re less susceptible to long-term health conditions and injuries than we actually are. The truth is that most of us have a significant chance of being disabled for at least three weeks before we even turn 65. Back pain, cancer, heart disease, stroke and the like are all leading causes of disability, and there’s little you can do to protect yourself against them.

One of the few things you can do to safeguard yourself and your family against the prospect of losing income due to a disability is to ensure you are protected by psychiatrist disability insurance. This type of insurance is designed to kick in once you have been out of work for a specific period of time. It then provides a stream of income based on your average monthly income, which can be used to meet any type of financial need you might have.

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