Physician Assistant Disability Insurance

Physician assistants should get disability insurance and protect their income as soon as they start working, especially if they have invested a lot of time into developing their skills. If you are a physician assistant, your income and your career should be protected, and this can be done only through a physician assistant disability insurance.

What Is Disability Insurance?

Physician assistant disability insurance is designed to do one thing only – it offsets the risk that you could be left without a source of income if you were injured or became ill. This sort of coverage is not offered by health insurance or auto insurance. Only disability insurance can provide you with peace of mind that an injury while working at home or developing a serious illness like cancer will not mean serious financial stress.

Why a Physician Assistant Needs Disability Insurance

As a physician assistant, you provide aid to other medical professionals and for a wide range of patients. You also earn between $60,000 and $120,000 per year, or $5,000 – $10,000 a month.

Physician Assistant Disability Insurance

That income goes to support your lifestyle and your family. It’s used to pay for your home’s mortgage, for your car loans, for your school loan payments, and for everything else you need, from your children’s tuition to your electric bill. What would happen to your quality of life if you were unable to work for a lengthy period, though? Physician assistant disability insurance can help offset that chance.

Group Disability Policies

If you work in a hospital, you probably have group disability insurance. You may think that if you become disabled that it will protect you and your income, but it’s not how it usually goes. In reality, group disability insurance policies provide coverage only if you’re totally disabled and unable to work, not partially.

Group disability insurance policies also have limits on how much benefits they pay and are tied to the employer. If you leave your job, you lose your group disability insurance, so individual disability insurance is always a better option. Your physician assistant disability insurance will remain regardless of where you work and usually pays out higher benefits than group policies.

Will Other Insurance Policies Replace Your Income?

Even if you have health insurance, it will only provide coverage for medical costs, but only under the condition that the injury or illness happened when you were performing tasks from your work. You still wouldn’t have a way to replace your lost income during the time you’re unable to work, and even without your medical bills, your regular costs can still put a dent on your budget.

Physician assistant disability insurance can help. It will pay a portion of your lost income every month that you’re unable to work, so you will have a steady source of income to rely on.

What Can We Help You Do?

When you turn to us for help with disability insurance, we go to work immediately. We have years of experience in this area and skilled professionals working tirelessly, so we can quickly help you find the coverage you need to ensure your financial stability. With us, you can:

  • Be able to review rates from some of the leading providers of individual disability insurance.
  • Get quotes from all major insurers in the US that currently offer insurance products in your specific geographic area.
  • Learn more about your options when it comes to physician assistant disability insurance and how it can benefit you in the event that you’re injured and unable to work.

Choosing Your Physician Assistant Disability Insurance

Finding the right insurance provider can be difficult. This is particularly true if you have never bought disability insurance before. You need to make an informed decision regarding the policy and coverage terms available to you, but how do you do that? We can help.

In our many years in business, we’ve helped countless medical professionals find the peace of mind they deserve through a perfectly matched disability insurance policy. We work with insurance companies that you know and trust and provide you with expert guidance throughout every step of the process.

Take Your Physician Disability Insurance With You

One of the advantages of disability insurance is that it doesn’t depend on your employer. It’s tied to you and yourself only (or the policyholder), so even if you switch companies, you will still have your physician assistant disability insurance. This is not the case with some other types of insurance policies that are connected to your employment. Once you stop being an employee in the initial place where you got your disability insurance, you lose your insurance, but this will not happen with your individual disability insurance.

Buy a Disability Insurance Policy While You’re Young

Disability insurance policies are priced based on the risk of you filing an insurance claim. The higher your risk for filing a claim, the more you’ll pay in premiums. One of the primary factors that contribute to higher risk is age. Statistics show that the older you are the more likely you to become disabled, so getting your disability insurance today means that you will pay less in premiums and be protected for longer in your lifetime. Each year you age is more money you’ll be paying out each month or year in premiums.

Look for Unisex Rates

In a recent study, women have reported that experiencing a disability would be “somewhat devastating” to their family’s finances and that their cash reserves would last less than a month if they couldn’t work.

Because women are more prone to develop a disability they pay higher disability insurance rates than men, the disability rates they pay are higher than those men pay. The more common disabilities in women are rheumatism and arthritis, but it’s not rare that we also see cancer, heart disease, mental health, and diabetes in women as well.

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