Neonatologist Physician Disability Insurance

As a neonatologist, you play a crucial role in the care of newborns, particularly those born premature, or with existing medical conditions. It can be an incredibly rewarding career, and you’ll earn somewhere between $98,000 and $274,000 per year. That income will go toward supporting your family, and even ensuring that your medical practice is able to grow and thrive. What happens if you’re unable to work, though? What happens if an illness or injury forces you out of the office for several weeks, or even months?

The Need for Neonatologist Physician Disability Insurance

Your income is responsible for paying for things like your home mortgage payment. It ensures that you’re able to pay for your children’s tuition, and even for your own education costs. It supports your medical practice by paying your employee’s salaries, and more. What happens if you’re not able to work for a period of time? That income dries up.

There are many potential reasons that you might be out of work – you could be injured in an auto accident, or even while doing routine yardwork around your home. Yes, you have other insurance that will help to offset your medical costs, but those products do nothing at all about lost income. That’s where neonatologist physician disability insurance comes into play.

This unique insurance works to ensure that when an emergency strikes and you’re out of work for a period of time, you don’t suffer from a loss of income. It supplies you with a percentage of your regular monthly income during the period you are unable to work, so that you can meet your financial obligations. It’s all about peace of mind and financial security.

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