Family Practice Physician Disability Insurance

As a family practitioner, you have a duty to ensure that your patients receive the best quality care possible. That can be incredibly rewarding, and you’ll also earn a good living, with most family practitioners in the US earning between $90,000 and $200,000 per year. Of course, that income needs to support both your family and your practice, and plays an important role in not just your quality of life, but in the quality of care you can provide your patients. What would happen if you were unable to work due to an injury or illness? Family practice physician disability insurance can be the solution to that problem.

Disability Can Strike Anyone

Disability – it’s a term we don’t often associate with ourselves. We think we’re immune to long-term conditions that prevent us from living our regular lives. However, disabilities can strike anyone, at any time. You could be injured while doing yard work or while on vacation. You could develop a long-term illness, like diabetes or cancer. These are just a few examples – disability can occur to anyone, and the only way to protect your quality of life from it is to have family practice physician disability insurance in place.

How Does Disability Insurance Protect You?

Not sure how family practice physician disability insurance works? It’s not all that difficult, but insurance carriers all have different policies. If you are disabled for a period of time, the insurer will send you monthly payments. Those payments will be based on your average monthly income, and are for you to use for whatever you need, whether that’s paying office staff, or making your mortgage payment.

The largest challenge with family practice physician disability insurance is finding the right policy and insurer for your unique needs. We can help here. We’ve spent many years working with medical professionals and physicians to find the right mix of coverage and affordability, reliability and customization. Call us today at 1-877-221-6198 to discuss your needs, or use the form on this page.


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