Oil or Gas Roustabout Disability Insurance

If you work as an oil or gas roustabout, you play a critical role in your industry and probably earn a salary that falls somewhere between $24,000 and $63,000 per year. That money is vital for supporting your family and meeting your financial obligations. You have a house payment, a monthly car payment or two, utility bills and many other expenses that must be met on a regular basis. What happens if you’re ill or injured and unable to work for a time? Sick time and vacation time can help, but what about a prolonged absence? This is where oil or gas roustabout disability insurance comes in.

Your Chances of Disability

The oil and gas industry is inherently risky. As a roustabout, you know about and understand this risk. However, there are other risks that you might not realize you face. In fact, the leading causes of disability in the US have nothing to do with physical injury while on the job. They’re related to medical conditions that can strike at any time, anywhere. These include things like cancer and arthritis, as well as heart disease and stroke. What happens to your financial obligations if one of these disabilities were to leave you unable to work? Oil or gas roustabout disability insurance can ensure that you can still pay your bills.

How It Works

Not sure how disability insurance works? It’s not that complicated. You pay an insurer for a disability insurance policy. If you’re disabled through a qualifying disability and out of work for at least a set minimum amount of time, you’ll begin receiving payments from your insurer. Those payments are based on your average monthly income, and can be used for any expenses you need to meet.

The challenge here is finding the right insurer and the right oil or gas roustabout disability insurance policy. Terms, conditions and qualifying disabilities vary greatly from one company to another. We can help you sort through your options, identify your coverage needs, and find the right protection.

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