Midwife Disability Insurance

As a midwife, you bring joy into this world and into your clients’ lives. You also earn a respectable income, with the average in the US falling between $50,000 and $100,000 per year. You use that income to support your family’s quality of life, but also to grow your office. Losing some of that money would be a devastating blow, but it can happen with surprising ease. The good news is that midwife disability insurance can help.

What’s It All About?

Not sure what midwife disability insurance is or why you might need it? It’s actually very simple. Everyone is at risk of experiencing a disability that prevents them from working for several weeks, months, or even years in some cases. Most of those situations are largely unpreventable – there’s not much you can do about being diagnosed with cancer and then having to go through lengthy chemo treatments and missing work during that period. Midwife disability insurance is designed to help ensure that you are not in financial danger during this time.

How Does It Work?

Disability insurance is pretty straightforward, but every policy has different benefits and provisions. Once you have a policy in place and you experience a disability that lasts for a minimum amount of time, you will begin receiving payments from the insurance company. Those payments will be a percentage of your monthly income, and they can be used for almost anything you need, whether that’s rent at your office, paying staff, paying your home mortgage payment, paying your school loans, or something completely different.

With that being said, you do need to make an informed decision when it comes to the insurer you choose. That can be difficult if you’re not familiar with those companies. We can help. We have years of experience assisting medical professionals in your situation learn more about their options, compare their choices, and then choose the right insurance solution for their specific needs. Call us today to learn more – dial 1-877-221-6198 or use the form on this page.


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