Internist Disability Insurance

As an internist, you enjoy a rewarding medical career – you’re able to provide care for your patients, and in return, you earn an income that probably falls between $98,000 and $212,000 per year. From that income, you meet your family’s financial obligations, and you also support your medical practice. However, where will you turn if you are out of work for a period of time and unable to earn any income?

Internist Disability Insurance Can Help

You have different types of insurance for different risks. Health insurance covers things like medical care, medications, physical therapy, and surgery. Auto insurance pays for the damage to a vehicle or other possessions, and also for the treatment of injuries sustained in the accident. Life insurance pays out to your beneficiary at the end of your life. However, none of those products does anything to help you if you’re out of work and unable to earn money. Only internist disability insurance can provide you with the peace of mind you need.

Disability insurance is exactly what it sounds like – a specialized type of insurance that goes into action if you are out of work for a specific period of time. From that point, it will pay a percentage of your regular monthly income for a specified period, ensuring that you are able to meet your financial obligations, whether that’s paying your home mortgage loan, covering your school loan payments, or making sure that you can pay for your children’s education.

Not sure how to choose the right internist disability insurance provider? We can help you. We have years of experience working with insurance companies you know and trust, and we can help you compare your coverage options and choose the right provider for your specific needs. We invite you to get in touch with us today – call 1-877-221-6198 to learn more, or use the form on this page.


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