Important Questions And Answers About Disability Income Insurance Quotes

Before looking for your disability income insurance quotes, it’s important to do your research and get some important questions answered. For that, we have listed some of the crucial information we get asked about by clients asking about their disability income insurance quotes.

Important Questions & Answers

How to calculate the amount of coverage you need

To check how much coverage you need from your disability income insurance policy, we recommend calculating all your monthly expenses, obligations, necessities, and all other costs you may regularly have. This includes rent, mortgage, loans, groceries, utilities, gas expenses, school fees, and any additional recurring costs you and your dependents may have.

Once you have the total amount of recurring expenses calculated, this is the minimum amount your disability income insurance quotes should offer. If some of the disability income insurance quotes don’t provide coverage for this amount at a minimum, you shouldn’t consider buying it.

How much will the disability income insurance quotes cost?

In most cases, the disability policy premium costs between 1% and 4% of your annual income. The exact amount varies in each case because it’s influenced by the coverage needs, your habits, income, and most importantly, the risk of a disability.

Personalizing disability income insurance quotes

There is no one-size-fits-all in disability insurance. Each person has a different life, with different habits, work, income, and work risks, so the premiums, the policy structure, and the coverage amount will vary accordingly. Some people will require more coverage under a bigger number of events, so there is the option of adding disability insurance riders to a policy.

Policy riders are additions that help customize an individual’s policy to match every person’s needs and budget. You can add one or multiple riders, some you may need more than others, but you have complete freedom over choosing which ones to add.

Does disability insurance require a medical exam?

Some long term disability income insurance quotes given through special programs won’t require a medical exam during underwriting. However, these are rare and limited to a small number of occupations that carry a lesser risk of an injury, benefit amounts that aren’t significant, and have an age limit. Recently, more companies have offered no medical exam options due to COVID.

Before you make a final decision after getting your disability income insurance quotes, make sure you ask about your options. Some facts are worth thousands of dollars, and you don’t want to find out this when it’s already late.


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