Immunologist Disability Insurance

As an immunologist, you help patients struggling with immunological conditions and diseases. You support their fight for a happy, healthy life. In return, you earn somewhere between $26,000 and $124,000 per year. You’ll use that income for many things, from paying your school loans down to paying home mortgage payments. It’s crucial to maintaining your standard of living. What happens if you find yourself unable to work due to an injury or illness, though? Your ability to earn evaporates.

Why You Need Immunologist Disability Insurance

Insurance is designed to protect you in specific conditions and situations. Health insurance is designed to help you pay for necessary medical care, medications and even hospitalization and surgery. Auto insurance covers car accidents. However, you have no “income insurance”. That’s where disability coverage comes in – it becomes active after you are out of work and unable to earn money for a specific period, and pays you a percentage of your usual monthly income for a set period. There is no other type of insurance that does this, and no other way to ensure that you have an ongoing stream of income if you’re out of work for a long period due to an accident, injury or illness.

Where to Find the Disability Insurance You Need

Finding the right immunologist disability insurance can be a daunting prospect. How do you compare disability insurance options? How do you choose the right insurer? What about other specific coverage items or unfamiliar terms? We can help. We’ve worked with medical clients just like you for years to help them find the right disability insurance for their specific needs, budget and income.

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