Hospitalist Disability Insurance

By working exclusively with a particular hospital to provide outstanding in-patient care, you do several things. First, you ensure that your patients have access to the compassionate care they deserve. Second, you ensure that you have a substantial income – generally somewhere between $117,000 and $224,000 per year.

That income will go toward meeting any number of financial obligations. You have a mortgage payment, auto loan payments, school loan payments, and even tuition costs for your children. These are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. What happens to your financial obligations if you find yourself injured and out of work, and unable to make your payments because you lack income? Hospitalist disability insurance can help.

What Is Hospitalist Disability Insurance?

All forms of disability insurance, including hospitalist disability insurance, are designed to offset your financial risk if you are ill or injured, and unable to work. Sick time, vacation time and other forms of paid time off can help, at least for a while, but they will eventually run out. What do you do when that happens? If you have disability insurance, you don’t need to worry.

Whether you’re suffering through cancer, dealing with a serious back injury, have heart disease, or are otherwise unable to work, this type of insurance provides you with a percentage of your regular monthly income to meet your financial obligations. It delivers peace of mind, and the ability to uphold your responsibilities, even if you’re not able to work.

Of course, finding the right provider for hospitalist disability insurance may not be all that simple. You’ll need to compare your options, ensure that you’re working with a reputable insurer, and understand the terms of the coverage. We can help you here. We specialize in helping medical clients like you to find the disability insurance needed. We’ll guide you through the process, explain your options, and help you compare it all.

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