Executives Disability Insurance

As an executive, you play a central role in business decisions, policies, and, ultimately, the success of the company that you help to helm. In return, you likely earn somewhere between $80,000 and $290,000 per year. Out of that money, you need to pay for your school loans and mortgage, your auto loans, and likely your children’s tuition. Depending on the size of the business in question and your role in creating it, there might be business costs attached, too. If you find yourself injured or ill and unable to work, that could wreak havoc on your financial situation.

The Risk of Disability

You’re a busy executive – you don’t work in a dangerous industry. You also likely take care to eat right and focus on fitness whenever possible. Shouldn’t that reduce your chances of experiencing a disability? It does, but only to a certain extent. Understand that the leading causes of disabilities in the US are not related to injuries, but to medical conditions that can strike anyone, anywhere, at any time. These include things like heart attack and stroke, but also cancer and many others. The truth is that a full third of working Americans will experience a disability at some point before they retire. Are you willing to gamble that you won’t be part of that group?

Protecting Yourself and Your Family

Executive disability insurance is designed to ensure you can protect yourself and your family from the financial fallout of experiencing a disability. If you are out of work and unable to earn an income, you will eventually be forced to drain your savings, and then watch your bills continue to mount. Executive disability insurance gives you a stream of payments based on your average annual income that can be used to pay those bills even if you’re out of work.

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