ENT Disability Insurance

ENT, or ears, nose and throat, doctors provide their patients with compassionate care for an incredibly wide range of symptoms and conditions. These specialists can also earn a significant income, with the average in the US falling between $140,000 per year and $280,000 per year. As an ENT, that income is vital for supporting your family as well as your medical office. A single disability that leaves you unable to work for just a few weeks could wreak havoc on your personal and professional life. ENT disability insurance can help.

Are You at Risk for a Disability?

If you ask the majority of people today if they are at risk for a disability, most would reply in the negative. Sadly, that’s not the case. For instance, for those near the age of 40, there is a 21% chance of experiencing a three-week disability before you reach the age of 65. Throw in other lifestyle factors and health factors, and you begin to see that anyone, of any age, is at risk for a disability.

The problem is that when a disability strikes, you will be out of work for several weeks, or even several months. During that time, you cannot work, so your income is limited or even eliminated. How will that affect your ability to meet your family’s financial obligations? How will that affect the success of your medical practice?

How ENT Disability Insurance Protects You

ENT disability insurance protects you by providing a stream of income while you are out of work after you have satisfied the elimination period. Each payment is based on your average monthly income, and can be used to pay for anything you need, from your child’s tuition cost or your electricity bill to your office staff’s salaries and everything in between.

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