Court Reporters Disability Insurance

Court reporters play important roles in our judicial process, ensuring there is an accurate record of legal proceedings, and serving in numerous other capacities. As a court reporter, you work in courtrooms, but may also serve clients in other capacities, operating your own business. Chances are good that you earn somewhere between $30,000 and $88,000 per year, as well. From that amount, you must cover business expenses, the cost of licensure, and personal and family expenses, like utilities and your mortgage payment. How well could you withstand a prolonged period without any income due to a disability preventing you from working?

The Reality of Disabilities

Many of us put little thought into the potential for disabilities to derail our lives. We’re healthy, fit and don’t work in a dangerous occupation, so there’s little risk, right? That’s not accurate. In fact, the leading causes of disabilities in the US are not tied to your occupation in any way, and there’s little you can do about them through fitness plans or dieting. We’re talking about serious health conditions like heart disease and diabetes, cancer, and the like. The truth is that roughly one-third of all working Americans will have experienced a disability before they reach retirement age. Where does that leave you?

How Court Reporter Disability Insurance Helps

How does disability insurance help protect your family’s financial situation? When you purchase your insurance policy and then experience a qualifying disability that causes you to miss a minimum amount of work, your insurer will pay you a predetermined percentage of your monthly average income. That money can be used to pay your mortgage, your utilities, to buy groceries, and more. Your payments will continue for the duration of your disability, or as specified in your policy.

Of course, there is a lot of ambiguity here. Not all insurers have the same definition of what a disability is, for instance. Not all insurers will pay out for the same amount of time. There are numerous other considerations that need to be made. We help you compare your options on a side-by-side basis so that you’re able to make an accurate, informed decision.

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