Computer Programmer Disability Insurance

As a computer programmer, you could work with small businesses, enterprise level firms, or even own your own programming business. You could even work in an incredibly wide range of industries, from gaming to manufacturing and everything in between. In exchange for your time and skills, you will earn an income that falls between $65,000 and $130,000 per year.

This gives you the means to meet your financial obligations – you’re able to pay your mortgage, your car loan payments, your health insurance costs and more. You may also have business-related costs supported by your annual income.

How would you fare if you were forced out of work by a disability and unable to earn your salary, though? This is when computer programmer disability insurance can help.

The Risks of Disability

When you think about being disabled, do you primarily picture physical injuries and related repercussions? While that is the most common image of disabilities, it’s actually not remotely true. In fact, the leading causes of disability in the US are medical conditions like stroke and heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

These are things that you cannot guard against with a hardhat or a caution vest, strong gloves or by completing a safety training course. They’re things that affect every worker in the US, including you. Computer programmer disability insurance helps you regain your peace of mind, though.

Computer programmer disability insurance provides you with a stream of income based on your average annual earnings if you find yourself disabled. Of course, not all insurers or insurance policies are the same, and you need to make an accurate decision. That can be hard to do, particularly if you don’t have much time, or you’re not familiar with disability insurance or the insurance industry as a whole.

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