Chauffeur Disability Insurance

As a professional chauffeur, you can work in a wide range of capacities. You could work for a tour company, or for a general travel company. You could hire out to a particular family, or a set of families, as well. You also earn a good salary, falling somewhere between $20,000 per year and $79,000 per year.

That salary is the key to meeting your obligations, financially speaking. You might have business costs that come out of your annual earnings. You definitely have family-related expenses like your mortgage payment, loan payments on personal vehicles, and possibly even tuition costs for your children.

How will you meet those obligations if you are disabled and unable to drive for your employer or your clients? Chauffeur disability insurance can provide a layer of protection.

Your Risks for Becoming Disabled

Disability can strike anyone, at any time, anywhere, no matter their age, their physical condition or their health condition. Injuries can occur through accidents outside of the workplace, but the real culprits here are frightening medical conditions.

Cancer and heart disease can strike without warning. You also have to consider things like diabetes that cause lingering deterioration and damage. Ultimately, up to one-third of working Americans face the prospect of disability before they reach retirement age. Those are long odds, and you should not gamble with your financial well-being.

Finding the right chauffeur disability insurance can provide you with peace of mind and financial stability. These insurance policies pay out in the event that you are disabled, providing you with a stream of income based on your actual salary. You can use that money to meet whatever financial obligations you might have.

The key to this is finding the right disability insurance policy. You’ll find that insurer quotes can vary greatly from one company to another. We’ll help you compare insurance policy rates and costs, disability coverage and other crucial factors. Contact us today at 1-877-221-6198 to learn more. You can also use the form on this page to get a free personalized quote.


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