Which Professions Should Get Disability Insurance?

Doctors, lawyers, and other professional clients often pay attention to their family’s life insurance needs, but concerns about becoming disabled usually go unaddressed.

Statistically, however, a professional is far more likely to suffer a severe disability that damages the ability to work, rather than die prematurely. While some people have the financial resources to fund a disability on their own, most need disability income insurance to cover the risk.

The major causes of long-term disability can be seen in our society every day: cancer, back injuries, heart disease. While worker’s compensation can help those who become disabled on the job, other than back injuries, the most frequent causes of disability are not due to job related injuries that would be covered by worker’s compensation.

No company is required by law to offer long-term disability insurance, so many don’t provide it. If your company does offer it, it’s important to understand exactly how much reimbursement you’ll have if you become disabled.

Disability is an important issue if you are self employed.

Keep in mind, it’s not just doctors and lawyers that should be concerned. No matter your trade, you can still be at risk. Nurse Practitioners, Anesthesiologists, Physical Therapists and CRNA’s should all consider insuring their income.

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