Stock Broker Disability Insurance

As a stock broker, you help your clients build their wealth through savvy, timely investments. You probably earn between $33,000 and $105,000 for your efforts, and that money goes to support your family and possibly your business. You’ll use it to pay your mortgage each month, to pay for your car, and a great many other things. What would happen if you were to become ill or injured and unable to work, though? Chances are it would devastate your family. Stock broker disability insurance protects you against that potentiality.

Your Risk for a Disability Explained

Most Americans assume that disabilities that might prevent someone from working are usually related strictly to physical injury. That’s not really the case – the leading causes of disability in the United States are medical conditions. For instance, cancer and heart disease are two of the most common disabilities. There are many others, though, including arthritis, diabetes, and more. Stock broker disability insurance helps safeguard your financial situation against these conditions.

How Does It Work, Though?

Disability insurance is not all that complicated. If you experience a qualifying disability and miss a specific amount of time at work, your insurer will begin paying you. You will receive payments based on your average monthly income, and that money can then be used to meet whatever financial obligations you might have.

Is It That Simple?

While stock broker disability insurance isn’t that complicated, the process of finding the right disability insurance policy can be difficult. This is because insurers and insurance policies can vary greatly. You need to make a side-by-side comparison of everything from what conditions an insurer might consider a disability to the amount of the benefit you can purchase, and a great deal more.

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