Mutual Fund Manager Disability Insurance

As a mutual fund manager, you help your clients grow their wealth in a myriad of ways. You also earn a respectable salary, which likely falls between $60,000 and $190,000 per year. From that salary, you have to pay for things like your home, the automobiles you own, and possibly your children’s education. You might also have business-related expenses to account for. Those financial obligations can be in jeopardy if you find yourself ill or injured and unable to work. Thankfully, mutual fund manager disability insurance can help.

The Prospect of Disability

Think that you’re not at a significant risk of a disability because you work in an office, managing financial products, rather than doing something physically dangerous? That might seem like the case, but it’s not. The truth is that most disabilities have nothing to do with physical injuries, and everything to do with medical conditions. The most common causes of disabilities are things like heart disease, cancer, back pain and arthritis, things that you have little control over. Mutual fund manager disability insurance can ensure that you are not negatively impacted if you must miss time at work due to such a disability.

The real issue with mutual fund manager disability insurance is not realizing the need for it, but finding the right insurer and insurance policy. There is a lot of variance between insurers, and what they consider a “disability”. You need to make an informed comparison of your options. We can help you do just that. We have years of experience in helping professionals just like you find the right balance of coverage, protection and affordability.

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