How We’re Different

1. Quote Selection

Review rates from the top disability insurance companies.

Our goal is to ensure you can easily compare disability insurance options, and decide which product is best suited for your specific needs and goals. Our online disability insurance system offers a wide range of benefits and advantages.

2. Personal Service

Personal service from an experienced insurance agent.

You’ll find that the rates offered on disability insurance policies rarely vary, no matter which insurance company provides the quote. What does vary is the level of customer service you receive. In fact, many online services simply send your name to their shortlist of insurance agents, and then return those results to you.

3. We’re Specialists

You’ll work directly with the owner of Pennington Brokerage.

We strive to deliver completely customized service to each and every person who requests a disability insurance quote. You work directly with our team of seasoned, experienced professionals, each of whom is dedicated to providing you with the utmost in service.


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