Can Cigarette Smokers get Reasonable Rates for Disability Insurance?

As we discussed in a previous article about disability insurance rates for cigarette smokers, premiums for disability insurance is based on your risk of future illness.

Since smoking is the cause of many illnesses which would lead to a disability insurance claim, smoking will typically increase your disability insurance rates.

The following frequently asked questions are about smoking and disability insurance rates for smokers:

What if I only smoke once in awhile?

It is not up to you to determine how much “once in awhile” is, but honest reporting of your cigarette usage is required. Disability insurance policies are available for smokers so to ensure coverage when you need it you must report how much you smoke.

What happens if the disability insurance company shows I lied about cigarette smoking?

The insurance company may deny a claim or cancel your policy.

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Written 06/20/2017


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